Galaxy note 10.1 youtube writing a thesis

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Galaxy note 10.1 youtube writing a thesis

Creation[ edit ] On March 11,Gene Roddenberry, a long-time fan of science fiction, drafted a short treatment for a science-fiction television series that he called Star Trek. Yorktown in the 23rd century [10] [11] bearing a crew dedicated to exploring the Milky Way Galaxy.

Roddenberry noted a number of influences on his idea, some of which includes A. Some have also drawn parallels with the television series Rocky Jones, Space Rangera space opera which included many of the elements that were integral to Star Trek—the organization, crew relationships, missions, part of the bridge layout, and some technology.

galaxy note 10.1 youtube writing a thesis

Forester 's Horatio Hornblower novels that depict a daring sea captain who exercises broad discretionary authority on distant sea missions of noble purpose. Armed with this background, the first draft characterized the new show as " Wagon Train to the stars.

Most future television and movie realizations of the franchise adhered to the "Wagon Train" paradigm of the continuing journey, with the notable exception of the serialized Star Trek: Deep Space NineStar Trek: Discoveryand the third season of Star Trek: Development[ edit ] In AprilRoddenberry presented the Star Trek draft to Desilu Productionsa leading independent television production company.

SolowDesilu's Director of Production. Solow saw promise in the idea and signed a three-year program-development contract with Roddenberry. Solow, for example, added the " stardate " concept.

Tinker commissioned the first pilot — which became "The Cage". This second pilot proved to be satisfactory to NBC, and the network selected Star Trek to be in its upcoming television schedule for the fall of The second pilot introduced most of the other main characters: Captain Kirk William Shatnerchief engineer Lt.

Commander Scott James Doohan and Lt. Sulu George Takeiwho served as a physicist on the ship in the second pilot but subsequently became a helmsman throughout the rest of the series. Paul Fix played Dr. Mark Piper in the second pilot; ship's doctor Leonard McCoy DeForest Kelley joined the cast when filming began for the first season, and he remained for the rest of the series, achieving billing as the third star of the series.

Also joining the ship's permanent crew during the first season were the communications officer, Lt. Nyota Uhura Nichelle Nicholsthe first African-American woman to hold such an important role in an American television series; [26] the captain's yeomanJanice Rand Grace Lee Whitneywho departed midway through the first season; and Christine Chapel Majel Barretthead nurse and assistant to McCoy.

Walter Koenig joined the cast as Ensign Pavel Chekov in the series' second season.

galaxy note 10.1 youtube writing a thesis

In FebruaryStar Trek was nearly cancelled by Desilu Productionsbefore airing the first episode. Desilu had gone from making just one half-hour show The Lucy Showto deficit financing a portion of two expensive hour-long shows, Mission: Impossible and Star Trek.

The series used what are now stages 31 and Jefferies designed the starship Enterprise and most of its interiors. In addition to working with his brother, John Jefferies, to create the hand-held phaser weapons of Star Trek, Jefferies also developed the set design for the bridge of the Enterprise which was based on an earlier design by Pato Guzman.

Jefferies used his practical experience as an airman during World War II and his knowledge of aircraft design to devise a sleek, functional and ergonomic bridge layout.

The costume designer for Star Trek, Bill Theisscreated the striking look of the Starfleet uniforms for the Enterprise, the costumes for female guest stars, and for various aliensincluding the KlingonsVulcansRomulansTellaritesAndoriansand Gideonites among others.

Artist and sculptor Wah Changwho had worked for Walt Disney Productionswas hired to design and manufacture props: As the series progressed, he helped to create various memorable aliens, such as the Gorn and the Horta.

Reviews were mixed; while The Philadelphia Inquirer and San Francisco Chronicle liked the new show, The New York Times and The Boston Globe were less favorable, [31] and Variety predicted that it "won't work", calling it "an incredible and dreary mess of confusion and complexities". It ranked 33rd out of 94 programs over the next two weeks, then the following two episodes ranked 51st in the ratings.

In my opinion it is the best show on television. Believing that the show would soon be cancelled because of low ratings, he lamented that it "made the mistake of appealing to a comparatively literate group", and urged readers to write letters to help save the show.

The network had pioneered research into viewers' demographic profiles in the early s, however, and, byit and other networks increasingly considered such data when making decisions; [38]:Link to Departments website. The major in Accounting at UGA is designed to give students an understanding of the theory of accounting as it is used in our society: accounting standards, financial statement preparation, product costs, budgeting, taxation, auditing, risk assessment, and controls.

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