Business process outsourcing dissertation

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Business process outsourcing dissertation

Business process outsourcing dissertation

Course Overview Course Overview This programme focuses on three key areas — entrepreneurship, e-business, and internet and web technologies, and how the interplay between them drives innovation in business.

It takes a multidisciplinary approach being taught by experts from both the business and computing schools. Key features Theory and practice are tightly integrated throughout the programme, giving you: Practice-oriented teaching, with real-world case studies and regular guest lectures by entrepreneurs, managers and developers Learning direct from IBM specialists through our special teaching partnership with IBM A ten-week company-based consultancy project, where you tackle a live issue for a real client Integrated personal and professional development to build your leadership and team working skills Course Structure Course Structure You will study a range of modules as part of your course, some examples of which are listed below.

Core Managing IT Architecture This module, which includes input by specialists from IBM, introduces you to the theoretical concepts and practical methods used to design and evaluate complex IT systems in terms of their architecture.

Using a rich mix of case studies the emphasis is on task and project-based learning. You will develop your understanding of the need for IT architecture and the role of the IT architect including an appreciation of the need for the IT architect to balance conflicting tensions between the different aspects of technical design.

What you learn from this module can be applied equally to small and medium-sized businesses as well as larger scale operations, and will remain useful throughout your career. Topics covered There are two parts to this module, the first being a series of lectures delivered by IBM IT architects and focusing on the following topics: Qualities and constraints in IT solutions What do Enterprise architects do?

Computer security in architecture Tools of the architect's trade The second is an intensive two-day workshop where you work in teams to specify and define a system architecture based on a concrete case study culminating in a presentation of your proposals to a client. E-Marketing This module provides an integrated and critical overview of key concepts and techniques associated with marketing and consumer behaviour online.

In this module we put emphasis on the fact that a marketing strategy for the online environment is, or is becoming, increasingly critical for most organisations.

However, the integration of marketing within the e-business technological platform and interface tends not to be given enough attention in organisations.

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Marketing managers need to be conversant and confident with the dynamics of online consumer behaviour and they have to understand the current limitations of this new channel, but without neglecting the basis of consumer behaviour. Managing Complexity This module gives you conceptual tools and frameworks for thinking about the complexity of organisations, with a special emphasis on the role of information and information systems.

The module enables you to develop a broad understanding of the nature of organisational complexity, especially in the context of acquiring, processing and disseminating information both efficiently and effectively.

You will learn about the general tools used for pre-analysis and structuring of complex organisational situations and will also develop practical skills in using soft systems methodology SSMa methodology widely used in industry and developed at Lancaster by Professor Peter Checkland.

You will be introduced to various tools and frameworks that can help managers understand and reflect on the context they are in and what possibilities it offers for action. The framework of concepts which the module provides helps to link the organisational analysis of e-business with issues of technical implementation.

Business process outsourcing dissertation

E-Business The module presents a variety of frameworks and case studies that help the student formulate a comprehensive understanding of E-business in theory and practice. The course does not involve rote learning format; rather it is interactive, multi-modal, and real-world.

Lectures are more like working lectures and involve various exercises that help you understand and employ the various frameworks. On completion of this module students should be able to: Appreciate the multifaceted nature of E-business Be capable of applying frameworks to case studies, e.

E-business model frameworks and strategy Understand the key issues that E-business practitioners face Participate in a real-world challenge that forms the backbone of the coursework Information Management and Strategy This module focuses on the strategic rationale for IT.

It has three main aims: Case studies are used to exemplify and reinforce both the strengths and weaknesses of current concepts and theories.

The strategic context of information, systems and technology IST Nature of strategy and strategic complexity Introduction to strategic analysis Outside-in environmental and inside-out resource based analyses Appreciating the strategic role of IST Identifying the opportunities for IST — frameworks and models Planning-based approaches BSP Risk assessment and portfolio approaches Approaches to making and justifying the investment decisions Strategic IT examples — enterprise resource planning ERPbusiness process re-engineering BPRand outsourcing Introduction to group topics Digital Innovation This module consists of two parallel streams offering a comprehensive study of both the potential of digital innovation and the wider implications of digital innovation for society and the digital economy.

The first stream - a narrative looking at core digital developments offering the seeds of innovation - considers contemporary issues in computer science, with emphasis on developments with the maximum potential for innovation and impact on society. The second stream - a meta-narrative looking at issues such as what makes a good digital innovation, seeking more radical innovations and methods, and models of intellectual property related to digital and software innovation - consists of a set of seminars which challenge you to think about issues relating to digital innovation and its impact on society and the digital economy.

Business Analysis and Enterprise Systems This module gives you hands-on experience of the academic version of a widely used enterprise technology, namely SAP.

Enterprise systems and integration solutions are essential to every modern enterprise, and Cloud and Software as a Service SaaS is opening a new range of integration solutions for businesses.

Also, businesses that acquired and implemented ERPs in the s and early s are now dealing with upgrades for the years to come. These businesses are considering becoming hybrids: ERPs are booming in China and many other developing countries.Death, divorce, marriage, retirement, career changes, empty-nesting, moving Whether we instigate a stressful event or feel like the victim of one, navigating the transitional waters of change is hard.

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